Distinctive Classes

Strode Seminar

The Strode Seminar is offered biennially and is taught by a member of the Strode faculty, enhanced by a series of lectures and discussions with distinguished scholars working on topics related to the seminar.

Among other topics, Strode Seminars have addressed

  • “Forms of Embodiment in Early Modern City Comedy” (James Bromley and Katherine Schaap Williams)
  • “Early Modern Women’s Writing” (Julie A. Eckerle and Mihoko Suzuki)
  • “Theatrical Economies in Early Modern England” (Susan Harlan, Roslyn Knutson, and Natasha Korda)
  • “Shakespeare and Film” (Richard Burt, Thomas Cartelli, and Courtney Lehmann)
  • “Authorship” (Brian Vickers, John Jowett, and MacDonald P. Jackson)
  • “European England” (Jonathan Bate, Walter Cohen, and Keir Elam)
  • “Early Modern Textual Culture” (Roger Chartier and Jonathan Goldberg)
  • “Institutions of Memory: Hamlet and the Culture of Remembrance” (Stephen Greenblatt and Margreta de Grazia)
  • “Gender and Sexuality in Shakespeare” (Stephen Orgel, Jonathan Dollimore, and Alan Sinfield)
  • “Milton Studies” (Heather Dubrow, Ken Hiltner, Maggie Kilgour, Elizabeth Sauer, and Nigel Smith)
  • “‘Of Woman Born’: Feminists Rewrite Shakespeare” (Mary Bly, Jean Hegland, Valerie Miner, and Grace Tiffany)

Shakespeare in Performance Practicum

The Shakespeare in Performance Practicum, offered biennially in alternate years with the Strode Seminar, combines theater, film, and reception history with analysis of interpretive practice in current productions by companies such as the Alabama Shakespeare Festival (2 hours away in Montgomery), the Atlanta Shakespeare Tavern, the Alliance Theatre at the Woodruff Arts Center in Atlanta, and the University of Alabama Department of Theatre and Dance.

The course is often team-taught by professors from the Strode Program and the Department of Theatre and Dance.