Financial Support

Stipends and Fellowships

Students admitted to the Strode MA and PhD programs receive enhanced GTA stipends.  MA students are fully funded for two years, and PhD students are fully funded for five years.  All admission packages include a stipend as well as a tuition waiver.

MA stipends for 2023-2024: $20,000

PhD stipends for 2023-2024: $23,000

Admission to the Strode Program is highly competitive. Typically, the Strode faculty admit one or two PhD students per year. An average of two or three students are admitted to the Strode MA program each year.

Summer Research Grants and Other Support

Competitive grants are available most years to support student research during the summer months. Travel money is available for students in the program to present papers at scholarly conferences. Faculty here are a valuable resource: we will help you identify your best work and guide you in the process of developing it into conference presentations or publishable papers.

More Information

Please also consult the main English graduate Financial Support page.